Price Match Promise

We will match prices genuinely advertised on the internet provided the following

1.  The website (not used sales website) in question is based in the European Union and has a landline telephone number on the website.
2.  The product we are price matching is in stock (not special order and available for next day delivery) with the competing website.
3.  The product is the same model or version.
4.  The product includes the same accessories as our listed item.
5.  The website is still trading and can be contacted.
6.  The product to be matched must not be on special offer or clearance.
7.  The price match does not apply to items that have been previously ordered or delivered.
8.  We reserve the right to refuse to match items we feel are being listed as a loss leader, incorrectly priced or on a site we do not believe is genuine.

* Please note we do not match prices on Ebay, Amazon, Gunstar or any other used sales websites.

If you have found a better price somewhere else please contact us